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Poker is a game with roots back to early 19th century United States. Since then it has grown hugely in popularity becoming one of the most well-known card games ever. Played in nearly every casino worldwide, some high stakes poker championships garner enough attention that they are broadcast live on television.

The game is founded on the ranking of different combinations of cards. If you have a better or higher ranked combination, then you are more likely to beat your opponents. Here are all the combinations you need to know ranked highest to lowest.


Straight Flush

5 cards of the same suit with sequential rank.

Four of a Kind

4 cards of the same rank.

Full House

3 cards of one rank, and 2 cards of another rank.


5 cards of the same suit.


5 cards of sequential rank.

Three of a Kind

3 cards with the same rank.

Two Pair

2 cards of one rank, and 2 cards of another rank.

One Pair

2 cards of the same rank.

High Card

A hand that does not belong to any other category.












As well as luck of the draw, the game also largely depends on making the right bets at the right time and successfully bluffing your opponents.

Naturally, since the birth of the online casino, video poker has been a staple game. In this single player version, you make a bet, cards are dealt and then possibly discarded (depending on the variant being played), and the game will pay out on the final hand.

Video poker comes in many forms, for example:


Jacks or Better

The most popular version of the game. Wins start with a pair of Jacks.

Texas Hold’em

A variant where two cards are dealt to the player with the rest of the hand being made up of a set of five community cards.

Bonus Poker

Higher 4-of-a-Kind pays for low cards and Aces.

Deuces Wild

Cards with a value of 2 or “deuce” represent any value you choose

Joker Poker

A wild joker is added to the deck, opening up new ways to win

Stud Poker

Poker played with multiple betting rounds and a mix of face up and face down cards




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