Everyone loves a treat. Whether it’s a discount at the shops, free delivery on your next takeaway, or even finding a penny on the street! It’s great to get a little something extra that you weren’t expecting. We want to give you that experience when you play at Reels Royale Online Casino too! That’s why we have a dedicated page for all of our promotions. Have a look at what’s running today, take your pick, opt in and enjoy a treat from Reels Royale!

What are online casino promotions?

They’re offers that give you much better value than anywhere else on the site. All of them follow a similar format. You opt in, complete some kind of action, and then get your reward! This action can be making a wager, making a deposit, or even just logging in!

Why are there promotions?

At Reels Royale, we want to make sure players are having the best time possible. We run promotions to help players get better value from their favourite games, or to make players more aware of new games, or games that we think players will enjoy.

What do I need to do?

The first thing you need to do is check through the terms and conditions, once you’ve read them click opt in, complete the required action, and claim your reward.

What types of promotions do you run?

All kinds. There are promotions where you need to deposit, others where you need to wager, ones that last one day, others that last a week or even a whole month. Some that give you a no-deposit freebie, and others you need to really earn. We run Super Slots, and Leaderboards too!

Welcome Package / Casino Welcome Bonus

This is often the very first promotion you’ll come across. It will give you a great start in the casino. If you haven't already, check it out here.

No Deposit Bonus

These promotions don’t require you to make a deposit. You are often asked either to wager funds you already have, or just accept something totally for free.

Deposit Bonus

These promotions reward you for making a deposit of a certain amount. The rewards for this type of promotion are some of the best we offer! We’ll sometimes boost your deposit by a fixed percentage, so the more you deposit, the better your reward. Definitely check them out when you see them. 

Bonus Spins

Some promotions will award you with bonus spins! Also known as "free spins", "free falls" or "free rounds", these are a great reward that lets you play games and claim real winnings without wagering anything at all. For more information go ahead and check out our guide on free spins now!



You’ll be competing for the gold medal against other players on Reels Royale. Once the leaderboard starts, opt in and then get wagering! You’ll appear on the on-site leaderboard so you can track your progress up the ranks. Hit the top spot for the best reward.


Referral Promotion

Love Reels Royale? Why not share the love! When you refer a friend to the site, you’ll both be rewarded!


Limited time only promotions

These are promotions that last a very short time, (could be a few days, could be a few hours) and may not come back again. Don’t miss your chance when they appear, opt in and enjoy.


Ongoing promotions

We like to run ongoing promotions too, to make sure everyone gets the chance to participate. Time isn’t as much of a factor here, but be sure to check the end date on the promotion so you don’t miss out entirely!


Super Slot

When we have a slot we think is really great, we’ll make it our Super Slot! By playing this slot, you’ll be able to earn great rewards. What those are depend on the offer, and on the game, but remember you’re at Reels Royale. We have the best casino bonuses you can find. They’re always AWESOME!


That’s an overview of some of the common promotions we run and how they work. Please check our promotions page often for the latest casino bonuses, and look out for on-site popups with exclusive deals you won’t find anywhere else! If you have further questions, please feel free to contact our friendly customer services team. They’ll be happy to help you out 24/7.


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