If you are looking for help on Reels Royale, please look through the below Frequently Asked Questions. Should you have any queries that are not covered below; you can contact our friendly Customer Services Team at [email protected].


I would like to deposit money on the site, what are the various ways that I do this?

There are a number of different deposit methods that are available to customers. These include depositing via credit/debit card, Paypal, Sofort, Paysafe Card, Neteller and Skrill.   However, the methods are limited by your country of residence. To find out which methods are available to you, just click on ‘Deposit Cash’ on the homepage. A more detailed description of the deposit methods available can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

What are Neteller and Skrill?

Neteller and Skrill are eWallet solutions that allow customers to deposit and withdraw funds and are both very similar to PayPal. For full details on the services offered by both, please see their websites: Skrill, Neteller

How can I withdraw my money from the site? Are there any charges for withdrawing my money?

There are a number of different withdrawal methods that are available to customers depending on your country of residence. These include withdrawing via cheque, bank transfer, Neteller and Skrill. Please note that cheques can only be issued in GBP. A more detailed description of the withdrawal methods that are available to you can be found in our Terms and Conditions. You will only be able to request a withdrawal after you have made a deposit on our site.

I have made my first deposit, where is my bonus?

Your first deposit bonus will only be issued if you opt-in on our dedicated 'Welcome Package' page prior to your deposit. Your bonus will be displayed under 'Restricted Cash' on the 'Balance & History' page. The bonus will not be withdrawable as cash until you have met the Wagering Requirement of the bonus. The Wagering Requirement for your bonus will be specified in the Terms & Conditions of the promotion. Wagers on selected games do not count in full towards the achievement of the Wagering Requirement. Unless stated otherwise the contribution of games towards the Wagering Requirement can be found in our site Terms & Conditions. Once the Wagering Requirement has been fulfilled the bonus can be withdrawn from your account.

I am having trouble using my credit card to deposit funds, please help.

Your deposit attempts may have failed as they have been declined by your bank or you have failed to create or enter a valid ‘Verified by Visa’ or ‘MasterCard Secure’ password. ‘Verified by Visa’ and ‘MasterCard Secure’ are an additional security procedure that has been put in place by most banks and credit card companies to improve the security of Internet payments. If you are asked to enter a password for one of the above and have not created one before, please follow the on-screen prompts to create one. Similarly, if you have created a password for one of the above schemes and have forgotten your existing password, just following to on-screen prompts to reset this. Please also ensure that you have disabled any ‘Pop-Up Blocker’ installed on your computer as this may prevent you from doing this.

I have been sent an email stating that I am entitled to a bonus on my next deposit – please advise how to claim this bonus.

Our promotions will require you to either opt-in on a dedicated page or enter a bonus code in order to claim your bonus. Simply opt-in or enter you bonus code on our promotions page and make your deposit. If you encounter any issues, simply contact our Customer Services team at [email protected].

Why can I not deposit?

If you are experiencing difficulties in depositing money in your account, please review the suggestions above. Failing that, contact Customer Services for assistance. Common causes of difficulty depositing include: Your account details do not accurately reflect your credit or debit card billing address. You may live in a country that does not allow the play of online gambling games for money. Our system proactively prevents players living in certain jurisdictions playing our games for money.

I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

If you have forgotten the password for your account, this can be requested using this link and an e-mail with details of how to reset your password will be sent to the address registered on your account.

I recently created an account on your site and now my account has been suspended – please tell me why and re-open it as soon as possible.

In compliance with our licensing requirements and to safeguard every account and service we may need to verify your identity before making a withdrawal.

In certain situations we might also request proof of the source of your funds to ensure you can afford your gambling activity and/or they have been obtained from a legitimate source.

Your documents will be treated in the strictest confidence and will try to make this process as seamless as possible.

What type of documents can I send you?

We may request a copy of the following documents from you:

A valid photo ID (driving license, passport or national ID)

  • Driving license
  • Passport
  • National ID


A proof of address no older than 3 months

  • Utility bills (no mobile bills)
  • Bank Statement
  • House or Motor insurance certificate
  • Mortgage Statement


A proof of payment

  • Front/back of the card (CVV and card number except for the last 4 digits can be covered)
  • Screenshot of your e-wallet (PayPal, Skrill or Neteller) account showing your name and address


If we have contacted you regarding information on your source of funds, please share with us any documents which will help us understand your source of income, this will satisfy our legal obligation.

Examples may include:

  • Recent payslips or employment contracts
  • Bank statements that clearly show consistent income from an identifiable source
  • Recently filed business accounts if you own your own business
  • Documents confirming other sources such as the sale of a house or sale of shares

For more information on the Source of Funds process, please see FAQ 12 below.

How can I provide my documents?

Our security team will contact you to request documents for verification. However, you can also send your documents to [email protected].

Below a few tips to make sure we can verify your account in a timely manner:

  • Before you send us your documents, please, check the documents can be read (avoid any blurred or low resolution picture and/or glare or bad lighting
  • The full document needs to be displayed
  • The proof of address must have been issued within the last 3 months
  • Make sure your document has not expired
  • Only photo captured or scanned documents can be accepted. No screenshots or downloadable files unless requested by our Security team


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I have been asked for information on my Source of Funds

Reels Royale is licenced and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (for UK customers) and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (for non-UK customers). Part of our licencing agreement with these bodies is that Reels Royale has a legal obligation to be satisfied with the source of a customer’s funds. Sometimes we are required to ask for more information about you to ensure that we comply with our regulator’s legal requirements. We assure you, we are not singling you out; the same rules apply to everyone and you can expect similar questions from other reputable and responsible casino brands you play with. We understand that you may have some concerns about this and, although all information you give us is treated in the strictest confidence, you may feel that this is an invasion of your privacy, we understand these feelings and will try to make this process as painless as possible.



If we have contacted you regarding information on your source of funds, please could you share with us any documents which will help us understand your source of income, this will satisfy our legal obligation. Examples may include:

   •   Recent payslips or employment contracts

   •   Bank statements that clearly show consistent income from an identifiable source

   •   Recently filed business accounts if you own your own business

   •   Documents confirming other sources such as the sale of a house or sale of shares – even a large win on another gaming site!


Simply reply to the email we have sent you with a photo or a scan of any of the documents as described above. 

Please make sure the whole document is visible and readable. If you think we might need a bit more information, please feel free to tell us a little about yourself and your financial situation. 

When we have received your documents, our friendly and professional Customer Services team will be in contact to let you know we have processed and accepted these documents.



Yes. You are welcome at Reels Royale and we very much value your loyalty. We understand that it can take some time to get these documents together – if you’re having any problems with this, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Services team and they will be happy to help you and talk to you about what we need to satisfy our legal obligation.



Yes. Reels Royale strictly adheres to Data Protection legislation. Your personal information is secure and respected. All information you give us is treated in the strictest confidence and only used to meet our legal obligations. For more information visit our Privacy Policy


The information you share will never be shared with other businesses.  



We sincerely hope that we have put to rest any concerns you may have had about sharing this information with us and that you feel reassured in the reason why we are asking. However, if you still feel that you do not want to provide the information requested, then, by law, we may have no choice but to suspend your account with us. Deposited funds that remain in your account can be returned to you at your request. Our Customer Services team can help you with this – please feel free to get in contact with us.



Should you have any questions or concerns, our friendly and professional Customer Service team is available to help you out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Phone:                   +44 (0)808 196 0523

Email:                      [email protected]

Livechat:                  Click Here


You can also find out more about the requirements on UK casinos at the website of the Gambling Commission:  www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk

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I have a gambling problem, what should I do?

We strive to protect players struggling to control their gambling. For that, we are committed to point them in the right direction and help through the process.


Assess your gambling behavior 

If you are concern about your gambling, organizations like Gamble Aware can help you to identify signs of a gambling problem through their self-assessment questionnaire. This questionnaire is confidential so take your time and answer as sincere as possible. The National Gambling Helpline (0808 8020 133) also offer advice on problem gambling either via telephone, online or text.


Take action

We offer all the necessary tools to stay in control of your gambling at all time through our Responsible Gaming page. Should you need to take a break from gambling, we provide self-exclusion and “temporary cool-off" facilities to prevent yourself from accessing your account.

Note that you should also request a self-exclusion with each operator where you hold an account as well as installing software that blocks access to any internet gambling site. You can find more information and software options on GamCare website.

However, if you are UK resident you can register on The National Online Self Exclusion Scheme ( GAMSTOP) which will exclude you from all online gambling companies licensed in Great Britain.

A full list of gambling companies that have joined GAMSTOP so far is available on the Participating companies page.


Seek help

At this point we strongly recommend you to seek assistance to any of the following organizations:

Gambling Anonymous

Gamble Aware


Gambling Therapy

Our customer service representatives are available to listen and support you in anything you might need.

Phone:                   +44 (0)808 196 0523

Email:                      [email protected]

Livechat:                  Click Here

What Happens if my Game is Interrupted?

In the unlikely event that a game session is interrupted or fails to close or wager properly please contact Customer Services with the subject wager ID number which can be found in "Balance & History" section. We will review and respond to each incidence as soon as possible.

What type of games can I play?

You can enjoy a wide range of casino slots and table games. You will also see some familiar slots which are available to play at Reels Royale Casino, such as Roaming Reels, Dragon Lines and Total Meltdown.

More games are being added frequently, so make sure you come back to check out our new game releases.

How does Reels Royale Ensure Fair Play & Fair Payouts?

Reels Royale's games and the Random Number Generator relied upon by Reels Royale are all comprehensively tested by independent software testing house Technical Systems Testing in order to ensure the Random Number Generator responsible for numbers in roulette or cards in blackjack or any other random element in our player-versus-house games are fair at all times.

I am having problems playing your games – what can I do to prevent this?

Please avoid from downloading large amounts of data whilst playing our games e.g. music/video files. This can take up a large percentage of your internet bandwidth and therefore reduce the quality of your connection to our games. Although you may be able to access other sites or web-based applications without any problems, you may still experience issues with our games, as they require a constant exchange of data, as opposed to a single transmission of data, which is used to view a webpage for example.

What software do I need installed to play your games?

All of our games run in a desktop or mobile web browser. Some of our games require Adobe's Flash Player which can be downloaded for free here.

What Are Your Minimum Device Requirements? What browsers does your website support?

This site supports the following web browsers:




• Microsoft® Edge (most recent stable version)

• Google Chrome (most recent stable version)

• Mozilla Firefox (most recent stable version)




• Safari® (most recent stable version)


If using another browser with this site you may experience reduced functionality of poor performance due to the limitations of that browser. We recommend using the site with the latest version of Google Chrome Browser or Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Can I play on mobile phone and tablet?

Yes. You can visit Reels Royale using a smart phone or a tablet. Download your choice of mobile gaming App from the Google Play Store (for Android devices) or from the Apple iTunes App Store (for iPads & iPhones).


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