Free Spins

You’ve heard the term. You’ve seen it in emails, promotions, and even in slot games themselves. You may have even seen adverts offering No Deposit Free Spins! But what does “Free Spin” actually mean? What exactly are you getting when you’re awarded them? How do they work, and how are they claimed? Lots to unpack but not to worry, we’re here to explain. This guide will outline the meaning and give you all the information you need to know.

The first thing we need to explain before diving in is this: What is a spin?

If you’re new to slots, getting to grips with them can be a bit daunting. Slots games come in all shapes and sizes, with varying themes, bonuses, features, and betting amounts. But if one thing is consistent between them, it’s that they all have a big button that says “SPIN”. Clicking on this activates the game. If you’ve ever played a slot game, you’ll know exactly how it works. It makes the reels spin, new symbols fall, slide, or move into place. Whatever the mechanic, this action is called a “spin”. It is your main way of interacting with the game, and all further gameplay proceeds from there.


Spin Button


Each time you press the SPIN button, you are making a wager. Whether it’s 10p or £10 you’re spinning at, that amount is immediately deducted from your balance, and any winnings are paid back to it at the conclusion of the spin.

Casino Free spins (or Bonus Spins as they are sometimes known) give you the ability to press the spin button without paying anything in as a wager. The reels still spin, and any winnings are still paid to your balance, all without any risk or wager on your part. You get to enjoy the game and keep your winnings for free... for a limited number of turns. How many? This depends on how many spins you have been awarded. For example, if you have been awarded 20 free spins, you can press the “spin” button 20 times and you won’t pay in a wager. On your 21st spin however, you will.

Many games feature a bonus round; a special part of the game designed to pay out big! This mechanic is usually triggered when you match 3 of the ‘scatter’ symbols in the game, but of course, different games all come with slight variations. In most bonus rounds, you are rewarded with free (bonus) spins which are often accompanied by extra features like additional wilds, or multipliers.


Free spins award


Bonus spins can also be awarded as part of an onsite promotion. Often, the promotions that offer free spins no deposit to be made, instead asking you to wager a certain amount. Upon completing the promotion you’ll get bonus spins which you can play as soon as you launch the relevant game. Whether its 10, 50 or 100 free spins, you’re bound to win a nice bonus.

Free spins are pretty great if you ask us! Definitely keep an eye out for these promotions, as you’re being awarded with free chances to win BIG!


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